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Day Head Dalliances, Aunt Margie’s Better Than Sex Pound Cake



Morning Glory < 30 Seconds
September 8, 2020


image-png-Jul-26-2020-10-14-56-18-PMBy Cliff Oxford

Hot hand and data can't wait:

Daily Deal—Coming off Derby winner, Authentic. Wrote in Morning Glory Aug. 26: “Go with Derby horses Authentic or NY Traffic, respectively, best trainer and best jockey in race." Good news Authentic wins it all against all odds. Bad news missed the Brown Hotel celebration.

Hot data—Caught the hedge funds shifting money toward Big Pharma out of biotech just after making a killing on them since early June. Rake the profits off table and run. After up, sold June 26th stock pick Sorrento.

Who gets creamed in hedge funds flow is COVID-chasing public company INOVIO. Cranked out press releases about brink of COVID breakthroughs but one problem uncovered and double-confirmed Sunday: facilities to manufacture vaccine are not pie in sky—it’s a whole floating bakery. My estimate is big boys will now pass on partnership—too many other horses coming down breakthrough stretch.

Side Deal—Saturday’s NY Times global coronavirus vaccine tracker aligned with FDA approvals is an example why it can be best news gathering organization in world and front page news that four boats sunk at a Trump lake rally is why they need an exorcist.

It’s a Texas lake where one of four things happen: boat sinks, dalliances in the day head,¹ fistfights in the cabin over ex-wife or the Alamo, or dock swaps—nobody returns with the date they left with. A boat sinking is covering up the evidence, not a crisis. Time to call Father Merrin.² 


Entries/Exits—“Basic Instinct”³ is reborn on TV movie channels across the board. Surprise summer ratings hit during pandemic right along with Hallmark Channel Xmas show. How did I miss this? Syrup and sex are hardwired.

Critics balked at “Basic Instinct” back in day as pseudo porn and overlooked a great title, great plot, great acting by not only Stone, but Leilani Sarelle (remember Roxy?), and sweating bullets detective John Correli (actor Wayne Knight), who by the way earned degree from University of Ga. Ratings say top three watchers today—millennials, moms, and bored boomer dads who are obsessed with Sharon Stone line, "Nick, you want a light?"

IPO Glow—Time to regroup.

Dining trend—Instead of eating dessert, everybody talks about their favorite around the table after eating meal. Sunday night after a small group dinner, a friend from California said her favorite was something like Grape-nuts and custard. Of course it is.

Another friend from up north really struggled with it and finally said, “Double strawberry cheesecake.” My turn—Aunt Margie’s Better Than Sex Pound Cake. The South best food items come with a name like Grandma Harris’ Perfect Pecan Pie. Discussion followed on why the South is so much more frenetic when it comes to sex. Hot hand.

Cliff Notes

1 Guest bathroom on a boat

2 Priest in the movie "The Exorcist"

3 Michael Douglas/Sharon Stone 1990s thriller known for famous leg cross




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