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Morning Glory < 30 Seconds: Cuban/Cruz Texas Dustup ...


Morning Glory < 30 Seconds

October 7, 2020


By Cliff Oxford   

Daily Deal—When Kiss co-founder Gene Simmons calls you “Guitar God, but a genuinely beautiful soul” and an ex-wife (Valerie Bertinelli)¹ puts out a row of broken-heart emojis, you know you’re the rock stars of rock stars and you’ve done a lot of things right in your life—Eddie Van Halen great leadership example of what we mean by being emotionally involved.

Also, goodbye to Johnny Nash, best known for “I Can See Clearly Now”—best morning drive-to-work song.

And goodbye to Frank Gore, founder of Gore-Tex. When he drove to work in the mornings, he would call his 1-800 number to buy merch. Try that today.

Side Deal—For the second time this year, a long plume of thick smoke whisked through Texas and this one was not caused by the Sahara sandstorm but from a Twitter dustup between Marc Cuban and Ted Cruz after Cruz retweeted a story from Sean Hannity about TV ratings being down for NBA finals. Cruz added on to the retweet the hashtag #gowokegobroke—not really thinking that he had three NBA teams with fans in Texas. Can someone tell Cruz he has to choose? Bottom-feeder or blowhard, but he can’t be both.

By the way, he is telling friends he will lose weight and the beard before next presidential run. It’s called a start. In tonight’s event we will talk about how to communicate brand and beliefs without insults—a necessary skill moving ahead.

Side Deal—Here is an excerpt pulled straight from our Special Report that will be presented tonight and mailed to our think tank colleagues: 

Long-term macroeconomics call: "deflation—will have three drivers: automated technologies, such as robotics, putting people out of work; a major drop in oil prices coupled with rising demand for greener energies; and a 20-year decline in real estate prices. These will ultimately wreak more havoc than the pandemic on investments and businesses." 

Daily Deal—Apple will reveal its latest iPhone models next Tuesday (10/13). Apple--event theme “Hi, Speed.” My best guess: Reference to new iPhone 12 models as first 5G. 


IPO Glow—IPO documents provide the fullest picture to date of Airbnb’s financial situation ahead of its IPO planned for later this fall. The company burned through more than $1.2B in cash between June 2019 and June 2020. In pursuing an IPO, Airbnb is looking to raise $3B on a $30B valuation. I’m not in.

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  • Dec. 1: First ever business roast for Xmas


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Cliff notes: 
1 Co-star on "One Day at a Time," developed by Norman Lear. 

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