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Morning Glory < 30 Seconds: Red Herring PR, Porsche think tank


Morning Glory < 30 Seconds

September 16, 2020


By Cliff Oxford


Daily DealBezos believes the future is what he is running—dark¹ in broad daylight on a busy street in Brooklyn.

A no parking lot, no signage Whole Foods with stocked shelves and no cashiers or counters—only there for delivery and pickup. Bezos tells his S-team dark concept will explode over next five years across all retail and he thinks keep Whole Foods relevant to his empire. Right now it’s the whipping boy² for any sin he sees.

But Bezos’ flyby is red herring. Go Grocery, his unmanned convenience stores he is parading in front of the media as “the future of retail" is same thing as Suwannee Swifty Stores in Waycross 45 years ago. Clarence was always gone so we just left money on the counter.

Post-pandemic—third big one. Travel Chiang Mai, Thailand, might be one of the biggest, beautiful cultures in world that some never heard of. Went there when had Hong Kong office and found a city with a million residents and loads of culture, but strange looks if you ask for spring rolls—saw only one time on a cart in Bangkok.

With fewer than 50 days to the election and less than 100 till Xmas, time to get ass in high gear but too late to grind. Here is big trend to carpet bomb for customers—big companies are striking deals with smaller companies.

Side Deal—Microsoft announced a partnership with Abnormal Security under which the email-security startup will move its software onto the Microsoft’s Azure cloud. Microsoft, in return, promises to sell Abnormal’s services to its large enterprise customers.

Microsoft's first time such arrangement. With enterprise customers.

Amazon used the same partnership model with Apptio, a software company that helps users manage their cloud spending.


IPO Glow—Too many deals to count; ready to get back boom/bust cycle.

Entries/Exits—Why did buyer for Tiffany walk? Shacking up.³ Not pandemic as media reported but due diligence data showed long-term marriage rate will continue to decline for at least two more generations. Engagement rings highest margin product in store. Other data—fall best season for sales.

Bonus—Photos and video from the Porsche ATL “Brave Minds Innovate” event.

Upcoming events @ Porsche:

  • Oct. 7: Hood to Holler. Election discussion on urban and rural America
  • Dec. 1: First Ever Business Roast for Xmas

Cliff Notes

1 A store that operates more like a warehouse and no public allowed in

Another way to say "scapegoat"

3 Unmarried couple sleeping together and living under same roof


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