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Morning Glory < 30 Seconds: Trump Sinking Ship, Sloop, or Schooner


Morning Glory < 30 Seconds

October 6, 2020


Kimberly Jones, GQ Voice of the Year

Daily Deal—Election comes down to whether Trump is a sinking ship, sick sloop¹, or a sly schooner in shallow waters waiting to take all the jewels and bounty at last minute. Right now I vote a sloop in a storm.

Democrats don’t count your chickens. Until polls can reach my cousin Sonny in South Carolina, they are about as accurate as the rapid COVID tests and more events will unfold before Nov 3rd. Trump needs content and audience for that TV network he wanted more than the presidency. That ship doesn’t sink.

Side Deal—Apple TV+ to stream “Bruce Springsteen’s Letter to You” documentary on Oct. 23. Same day 20-time Grammy winner’s new album “Letter to You” lands. Album is first recorded live in studio with E Street Band since 1984’s “Born in the U.S.A.”

Special Report: "In a Nutshell—Macroeconomics Forecast 2020-2023." Will send to think tank colleagues our summary and editorial of a 100-plus page macroeconomics report written for 4th qtr through 2023. Also a stock pick with a 3.2% dividend with a PE of 8 that flourish with Biden or Trump.  

Berkeley’s banning the name of the Gourmet Ghetto food district was a little overboard but all for them to be the first in the U.S. to ban candy, chips, and soda from grocery store checkout lanes. Just keep the Payday bar far away. Buried in the city commission ordinance, rules don’t apply to any store under 2,500 feet.

Saturday Night Live’s 46th season with host Chris Rock and Jim Carrey as Joe Biden drew 7.765 million total viewers in “fast official” Live+Same Day results from Nielsen, special-ordered by NBC. 4th highest rated show ever. SNL should cut half the regular cast and hire Carrey.


IPO GlowRomeo Systems, an electric battery company, plans IPO via merger with RMG Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: RMG), a SPAC. Combined company value: $1.3B. 

Entries/Exits—Congrats to Kim for that huge award Friday night. She and I will be together tomorrow to discuss our books and election in rural and urban communities. 

Upcoming events @ Porsche:

  • Oct. 7: Hillbillies and Homies. Election discussion on urban and rural America
  • Dec. 1: First ever business roast for Xmas


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1 Boat with only mast sail


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